Tailored To Perfection

With traditional skills and the finest cloths, Aristocrat Tailoring provides an unrivalled service. Expert fitting and the accuracy of modern cutting techniques ensures every garment is a joy to wear.

Classic Tailoring For Men and Women

Aristocrat Tailoring provides bespoke and semi bespoke tailoring for men and women. With a range of styles and cloths and expert fitting, once you've worn an Aristocrat suit you'll never go back to off the peg!

Decades of tradition combined with laser accurate cutting for a truly perfect fit.

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Dedicated to bringing you the finest quality bespoke and semi bespoke clothing that suits your individual tastes and needs.

Traditional Tailoring

Godalming Tailors

A made to measure suit from Aristocrat Tailoring incorporates all the best of traditional cutting and fitting with the best of modern production techniques and styles.


Godalming Tailors

We use fine quality cloths to produce a well-cut garment that cannot fail to be noticed. Decades of experience in measuring and fitting provide you with the most exquisite fit.


Godalming Tailors

Once you have worn a suit made to meet your specific requirements, you will never want to wear an off the peg suit again. Visit us for a consultation.